Zofran Side Effects

Posted by in Dangerous Medical Products on Jun 11, 2015

The drug Zofran, generically known as Ondansetron, is a widely used anti-nausea and vomiting medication. It is used in the treatment of various medical conditions, most commonly for the treatment of the vomiting induced by chemotherapy and other radioactive therapies. The drug has various side effects that patients must be aware of, ranging from mild to severe and rare to commonly experienced.

The most commonly experienced side effects of Zofran include confusion, a sensation of lightheadedness, vertigo, increased heart rate, fever, and a shortness of breath. These symptoms are not experienced by everyone who utilizes this drug but patients are likely to experience one or more of these symptoms.

Rare symptoms of Zofran include trouble urinating, discomfort of the chest, trouble breathing, trouble swallowing, changes in mood, cramping or muscle pain, lethargy, and numbness of extremities. While these are less commonly experienced by Zofran patients, users of this drug should be aware of these potential effects. Not all side effects of Zofran will require medical attention, yet some do. Patients should experience reduced side effects as their bodies become accustomed to the drug.

The side effects listed above are merely the symptoms associated with Zofran when it is used for its most common purposes. Zofran can have more long term, serious side effects when used for its less common purposes. Zofran has been prescribed off-label to treat certain uncomfortable pregnancy complications, such as severe morning sickness. According to the website of Williams Kherkher, the recent Zofran lawsuits have raised concerns that the drug can lead to birth defects if taken by women while pregnant. This potential side effect, while not directly experienced by the mothers – the direct Zofran patients, is still a severe side effect that doctors and patients should be wary of before prescribing this drug for this use.

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