Injuries in Salons

Posted by in Injury on Mar 4, 2015

With the importance of physical beauty being a top priority in today’s society, men and women go to salons for services that might help enhance their looks. The spas or salons may seem like a very relaxing place that could boost their confidence, but they can still be exposed to dangerous machines and products that could eventually lead to injuries. Many victims of injuries in salons and spas often question whether they can file a personal injury suit against the management. Just as with any type of tort cases, proving the negligence of the spa or salon is the key in a personal injury suit.

Despite the various trainings and qualifications of people who work in salons and spas, accidents can still happen. The most common injuries from salons and spas are burn injuries (from waxes, heating tools, and chemical used in several treatments), lacerations (from scissors or blades), and neck and back injuries. There are other types on injuries, but in order to have a strong personal injury claim, the injury should be significant enough to prove negligence on the part of the employee or the business. However, the injury may have been caused by other factors, which is why you can have a number of defendants in your injury like the manufacturer of the products used, the employee or salon/spa who applied the product or used the machine, or maybe both.

Make sure to provide evidence of the injury; taking a photo and getting medical reports from your doctor can help in proving negligence and possibly a computation for the amount of compensation that will be awarded. Damages may be awarded for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and sometimes even for mental grief. Because each case is different, consulting with a local lawyer can help with your injury claim. Because such claims are not as common as other personal injury cases, it may be confusing for an injured customer to know how to proceed with the injury claim.

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