Disabling Skin Disorders

Posted by in Disability, Injury on Mar 11, 2015

Skin disorders are a very common but often neglected type of injury in a workplace. Anyone can develop any type of skin-related disease or injury while working, and it is important for employees to understand that even though it might seem like a small matter, work-related skin diseases can qualify for a personal injury claim and even Social Security Disability benefits. According to the website of Greenfield, WI personal injury attorneys, skin diseases obtained from exposure to various factors during your employment can become a burden for the employee, and could cost employees a number of problems. It is therefore best to seek a lawyer for a personal injury claim to avoid getting into financial and further physical complications that can arise after being injured while in the workplace.

Depending on the skin disease, the effects of these work-related skin injuries can range from mild to severe, and could necessitate expensive medical treatments. Any type of injury to an employee could be very costly, as this often entail being away from work (and lose wages), physical therapy, possible complications, and even unemployment. Employers can also suffer from such issues with workers’ absence, training, recruitment, and compensation payments.

Often, the cause of skin diseases is exposure to chemicals, which could lead to dermatitis, contact urticaria (an allergic reaction to anything that can irritate the skin), leucoderma (white patches on the skin) and skin infection. Sometimes, even lnog exposure to the sun would result to skin cancer. Because these skin conditions are preventable and should be known by the employer as part of the risks of the job, they can still be held accountable if they have failed to provide safety measure such as gears and proper training to ensure the safety of their employees. Likewise, if the employer also lacked in safely keeping the dangerous chemicals, they can be tried for a personal injury suit.

According to the website of an Indiana Social Security lawyer at the Hankey Law Office, while compensation from personal injury can help in covering for damages, the effects of severe skin-related diseases may also qualify the employee to receive Social Security Disability benefits. Skin disorders such as chronic skin infections, severe dermatitis, and photosensitivity (among others) can be grounds for a SSD benefits. It is recommended to contact an attorney regarding options and procedures on filing for SSD benefits, to determine if a claim has a chance of being approved. Because it can take a long and complex process to get the SSD claim approved, it helps to have a lawyer represent you in court as your advocate in order to better your chances of collecting your disability payments. Your lawyer can greatly assist in making the whole process easier and more effective for you.

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